About Eisenmann Exhausts


We are the official exclusive UK distributors for the excellent German Eisenmann Exhaust brand since 2002.

Custom hand made in Germany 


Eisenmann Exhaust Systems boast a nice, deep, throaty, yet highly refined sound that brings a welcome sporty enhancement to your driving experience.
Each exhaust is assembled specifically to suit customer needs, with numerous options to suit  individual needs and vehicle.
Always supplying a unique product, with a difference in quality that one can see, hear – and feel.
All Eisenmann Performance Exhausts are available in both 'Sport' and 'Pro Race' sound levels.

  • The 'Sport' level - at approximately 3dB louder than the OEM system - is ideal for those who use their vehicle on a daily basis.
  • The 'Pro Race' level - at approximately 7dB louder than the OEM system - is more suited to the more spirited driver and occasional track day user, BUT is never a harsh or distorted sound, with the volume rising in a nice linear fashion with the engine revs, so no "boom box" at idle speeds.

We only use the highest grade of Stainless Steel ! 

All of our Eisenmann Exhaust System brand products go through a complex development process, starting with digitalization of the available installation space. Afterwards this data is handed over to our CAD department for further development. The required tools are then manufactured in our in-house tool shop. Our traditional manufacture "Made in Germany" also includes the deep drawing and subsequent laser cutting of the parts.
Our experienced tube bending and sheet metal forming specialists bring everything into shape.

We then optimize the sound and thus avoid unpleasant interference frequencies on the vehicle. Our stainless-steel exhaust systems offer different tip variants and are available with EC type approval or as a for racing or export only version. This is the only way we can generate a sonorous sound for more driving pleasure and you can enjoy the unmistakable "Eisenmann Sound" true to our motto "we are driven by sound".


  • Sporty design gives your vehicle that special touch and enhances the value.
  • Sonorous sound for more driving fun. Enjoy the unmistakable „Eisenmann Sound“.
  • Our products go through a complex development including CAD Design inhouse.
  • We optimize the sound and avoid unpleasant interference frequencies.
  • The optimized design increases power and torque.
  • Sport catalysts - reduce back pressure and optimize engine performance.
  • Different tailpipe variants.
  • Exhaust flap technology for maximum sound experience.
  • Tradition through manual fabrication techniques „Made in Germany“.
  • With EC general operating license or as a sound-optimized export / RACE version.


For video tour, please click hereEisenmann Exhaust factory videos.

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